a visual novel prototype by Edo

About the game..

Screenshot Magic. Wonder. Homework..? These are things that you may experience at the Clearmirror Academy, a university for young minds to learn the noble arts of the arcane!

In Clearmirror Academy, you are the new student and depending on who you socialize with, the story will unfold in unique ways.

Will you create a geeky tabletop roleplaying squad, or will you have a clique consisting of the most fashionable students? Or maybe you feel like you're better off alone?

What to expect in this version..

ScreenshotSince this is an early (alpha/prototype) version of the game, it will not contain everything that was originally planned or mentioned in documentation.

In this download you will be able to play through a very short, branching story where you meet one character and you're able to explore a first encounter which will include two minigames, with twelve mildly different endings.

I think it's important to realize that it is not a full version at all, and would possibly look and feel vastly different in a further developed version, especially the currently implemented minigames

The character art for Juniper and Angelika will be provided by Embla Sunniva Brox (Instagram).


Remember to keep the files together in the same way they were downloaded, or the game might not work. There might be slight issues due to my neglicence of optimization, but I hope that you won't experience those.

When you have played through the game, please feel free to reply to the questionnaire available here.

The survey isn't available anymore. Thanks to anyone who replied while it was active!

Windows Mac Linux
.zip (.exe) .zip (.app) .zip (.x86???)
made with unity clearmirror academy logo made with fungus