Hi! I'm Edvard August, and I am an aspiring game designer and level designer with a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media – Games, and currently residing in Madrid, Spain.

In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with Unity, JavaScript and C#, illustration, character design, writing, various crafts and dungeon mastering and playing in Dungeons & Dragons.

Otherwise, I have experience with bug-tracking tools such as Jira, and common stuff like Photoshop and Excel.

Clearmirror Academy (2017–2018)

Clearmirror Academy is a Bachelor Project that puts a slight twist on the dating sim/visual novel genre. As traditional dating sims have stories that branch depending on dialogue options, Clearmirror Academy offers an experience where this branching happens in accordance with how the player performs on minigames.

The prototype was made to answer a question asking if a new element could be added to a traditional game and still retain its target audience, which in the small-scale feedback that was given has shown actually entices the original demographic. As for what is available within the prototype, there is a simple story line showing a first encounter with one of the planned characters.

More information can be found on the web page I showed the playtesters, which can be found here. It's worth noting that the prototype a bit rough around the edges.

Here are a selection of screenshots from the game, as well as a quick showcase of the different gameplay elements in play.

Unreal Tournament 'Deathmatch' Map (2017)

Temple of the Polyhedron is a level for the game Unreal Tournament, for the 'Deathmatch' game mode. It is in an unfinished, but highly playable state. It is blocked using the geometry functions and starter content that were available in the Unreal Editor. It went through multiple iterations based off of feedback from players, which ended up being mostly about switching around some weapons that were available and adding more health packs to the map.

The level contains a selection of Unreal Tournament's many weapons, offering dynamic gameplay and fits most playstyles. It is intended for six to eight players, and any more would be unadvised, as it might clutter the playspace and leave some 'resources' low, such as health kits, armour kits or even weaponry.

Here is a selection of images, as well as a quick showcase of some of the gameplay for this dynamic level.

Medicament Predicament (2017)

Medicament Predicament is a board game created by a team consisting of Edvard, Ruben, Lars and Espen, which put forth a stylized moral of replacing the workers for machines at a medicine factory. It plays one player against up to four others, with the singular player taking control of the corporate offices, and the team of up to four players taking control of the worker departments. The game ends as soon as the corporation has placed a worker in each department or if the workers have successfully created a union. Edvard joined this project after the premise was set, and proceeded to swiftly offer ideas that would change some of the fundamental gameplay objectives of the game. He would also later go on to take charge of most of the creation of the games prototype assets and rulesets, proposing different twists in response to the team's comments and his own intuition.

Smallest Projects

Friday Night Tavern Brawl

Friday Night Tavern Brawl is a 1 vs 1, easy-to-learn, fast-to-play card game where you need to beat your opponent quickly before they get a chance to strike you back! Taking inspiration from four common fantasy archetypes (fighter, wizard, rogue and archer), the players choose their deck and get ready to slice and dice, or maybe zap their enemy while exploring their decks which have different and unique playstyles. With each player only having a total of three hit points/health points, each blow can be devastating!

This game was created during a university coursework, and might be picked up again as a hobby project, and while Edvard freshes up the manual a tad, you may have a look at the old iteration on his Google Drive here!

Waves of Disaster
Global Game Jam 2017

Waves of Disaster is a board game created by a team consisting of Edvard, Sarah and Martin for the Global Game Jam 2017, where the topic given was 'waves'. The board game the group created together ended up being about an island nation having to secure their fragile island from going under during the waves that would smash against the tumultuous volcano in the center. Only having a weekend to create a functioning product, the entire group had a myriad of ideas. It was Edvard's task to balance the aspects of the game down, creating various cards for events and iterating on building perks, as well as general wording.

The project can be seen on the GGJ2017 websites here.

Global Game Jam 2018

Ubaat is a rough idea, which was intended to be a short escape room/puzzle type of game, which still has some work left on it. It is relatively playable, unless you are expecting the hints and clues we intended to enter. There are some, however!

Working in a team of eight, Edvard was in charge of programming, game design and implementation into Unity. While a relatively sizable group, we ended up having a lesser project than initially planned.

The project can be seen on the GGJ2017 websites here.

Unreal Environment (2017)

Goop Boy and Environment is a school project done by 5 students of varying responsibilities. It was Edvard's responsibility to take the models and textures given to him by the co-students, and implement them into the Unreal Engine 4 project. Edvard also assisted in organizing what assets would be needed for the document, in form of an organisatory spreadsheet, and would also assist in creating solutions when problems would arise. Edvard also created initial concepts for the playable character and environment, as well as creating procedural events within the environment, in forms of cars driving by in the background, randomized windows or doors opening in an alley, casting a light on the assets there.

This project was later to be merged with another project to make it playable together with other student projects of the same caliber, of which Edvard hasn't seen yet.

Credited releases (as per November 2022)